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Camille Allene - Docteure en Neurosciences et Conférencière

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Camille Allene

PhD in Neurosciences



Knowing the main rules that govern the functioning of your nervous system allows you to react appropriately to the challenges of life, to be more fulfilled and in better health.




I have never stopped navigating between the different disciplines of Cognitive Sciences.  

Since the beginning of my academic career, I have studied the nervous system at all scales: from the molecule to the behavior, including the neuron connected in networks with its neighbors.

This multidisciplinarity allowed me to build a synthetic, educational and illustrated model of the functioning of our nervous system, brain included. 


Good to know


Our nervous system is the conductor of our physiological functions (body) and our psychological functions (mind).


To misunderstand one's nervous system is to take the risk of making an "enemy" of it, which not only hinders the development of one's potential but is also the cause of a large number of somatic and psychological disorders.  


On the contrary, knowing and understanding the main rules that govern the functioning of the nervous system allows us to make it an ally thanks to which we can respond optimally to life's challenges, be more fulfilled and in better health.


The model that I have developed addresses the functioning of our nervous system - and through it our overall functioning, that of the body and the mind - in different life situations:

Dealing with chronic stress and burn out 

Dealing with acute stress or a very strong emotion

In recovery phase such as relaxation and sleep

During different mind-body practices like yoga and meditation



With this model, my objective is to make a non-expert audience aware of the neurobiological and psychological mechanisms that are put in place in the face of the various challenges of life.


I've taken care to find the right words to make these rules understandable to everyone, without falling into an oversimplification that would have been detrimental to the accuracy of the mechanisms described. 







This theoretical awareness acts as a motivational lever for adopting techniques and changing one's practices, allowing one to develop one's skills and full potential.





I developed this model through a series of 5 lectures.


Each lecture presents the model of the nervous system functioning before detailing one of the recognized methods to potentiate its functioning.


Each lecture therefore details a particular method, with the exception of the first conference entitled “Potentialization” which exposes them all and can serve as an introduction to the following ones.






Understand the nervous system and review the main methods for potentiating its functioning


Understand your nervous system and how to balance it effectively through breathing practice


Understand your nervous system and that of your interlocutors for an intelligent communication 


Understand your nervous system and the effects of a good recovery: relaxation and sleep


Understand your nervous system and the extraordinary potential developed by meditation

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